Car Owner Slashed and Killed Repossessor

29 March 2008

A 36-year-old car owner slashed a repossessor on the head with a parang and killed him in Taman Utama, Pekan Nenas, on Thursday at 4:45pm.

The victim was with five other repossessors, aged between 22 and 28 years, when they went to the car owner’s house because he had stopped paying for the car installments for six months. The repossessors wanted to tow his car away, but a fight started between the car owner, his 28-year-old brother and the repossessors.

The car owner then used a parang and slashed the victim on the head. The other repossessors sustained minor injuries.

The victim was sent to the Sultanah Aminah Hospital where he died at 3:20pm. The car owner and his brother received outpatient treatment at Pontian Hospital. Police arrested all those involved in the fight.

It is believed that the car owner tested positive for drugs and have criminal records related to theft and assault. He was also a car repossessor previously.

The Star Online – Car owner fatally slashes repossessor

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