Credit Card Forgery Syndicate Busted

2 January 2008

Police have smashed one of the largest credit card forgery operation in the state by arresting six men, in their 30s and 40s, in George Town and Butterworth in Penang and in Perak yesterday at 4:30am.

900 fake credit cards were also seized from the suspects, totalling about RM9 million in spending limit. A few laptops were used to encode the cards. Police also seized RM12,000 and HK$80,000 cash, mobile phones and some other card-related equipment.

Some cards were found hidden in two paintings which the suspects had planned to ship to foreign countries. The cards were embedded with security magnetic tape and names of foreign banks, suggesting that they were to be used in Vietnam, Nepal and Switzerland. The suspects would also sell fake foreign passports which were used by shops to verify the credit card holders.

The suspects are in police custody until Monday.

The Star Online – 900 fake credit cards seized in major bust

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