Gang of Eight Slashed Man to Death

25 August 2007

A gang of eight men attacked a 34-year-old wireman and his four friends with parangs in the victim’s flat in Taman Adriana, Menglembu yesterday at 1am. The victim, P. Perumal, was slashed to death.

His girlfriend, 22-year-old P. Sunta, and their three other friends were injured. She said that they had just finished supper then and were preparing to attend a wedding in Penang.

They heard and saw the men running up to their flat and demanded to see a person whom the victim and his friends did not know. The suspects did not believe them and entered the flat attacking them.

Neighbours sent the injured to the Ipoh Hospital.

Police are investigating the case under Section 302 of the Penal Code and noted that the victim had a previous conviction for a drug-related offence.

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