Home Drug Lab Found

30 January 2007
Kuala Lumpur

A double-storey house in Pandan Perdana has been exposed as a drug lab which was producing a misture of plaster powder, sulphur, tepung pulut (glutinous rice flour), colouring powder and Ecstasy for drug abusers. An unemployed 32-year-old man and his 25-year-old Indonesian partner were arrested during the 23 January 2007 raid by narcotics officers.

The enforcement team found 62gm of syabu, 70gm of ketamine, 211 Ecstasy pills, 189.3gm of powdered Ecstasy, 82 APO 10 pills and 22 CCM pills. The drugs are estimated to be worth RM70,000.

Two other men were found with RM80,000 worth of Ecstasy pills in another house in Pandan Perdana the day before.

The pills caught the attention of the authories when a man, aged 45, was found with 43 ecstacy pills and ketamine weighing 13 gm at a karaoke centre in Bukit Bintang last Saturday.

The Star Online – Cops bust home drug lab

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