Housewife Denies Hurting Maid

22 March 2008
Kuala Lumpur

A 40-year-old housewife denied in court yesterday when she was accused of abusing her 23-year-old Indonesian maid four years ago. Yim Pek Ha, mother of four, was charged with three counts of causing grievous hurt to Nirmala Bonat at the Villa Putra condominium using an electric iron and hot water between January and April 2004.

Yim is also charged with voluntarily causing hurt to Nirmala with a metal cup at the same premises on 17 May 2004.

The former chief stewardess said there was no reason for her to hurt Nirmala and suggested that she may have inflicted the injuries upon herself to gain attention.

Another possible motive that Nirmala might have had was money as Yim’s husband had post-dated six cheques meant as Nirmala’s salary and had given them to Nirmala’s maid agency. Yim had threatened to deduct Nirmala’s salary because Nirmala had damaged some of Yim’s belongings in the condominium.

Yim argued that if Nirmala wanted to escape or alert others, she could have called the maid agency or approached neighbours or visitors. Nirmala even had chances to escape as she goes out of the apartment to dispose rubbish and clean the outdoor area daily.

To determine if Nirmala had mental problems and had inflicted the injuries upon herself, Yim applied to court for the maid to be sent for a psychiatric evaluation.

The hearing continues on Monday.

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