Immigration Department Uncovers Baby Selling Syndicate

15 November 2008
Pasir Gudang

Immigration Department officers were raiding houses in Taman Masai and Taman Rinting here last night when they discovered that the houses were used as baby selling centres. Operation Ops Pintu Serkap was intended to sniff out illegal immigrants from Indonesia.

In the first house in Taman Masai, officers found two women, one of whom was Indonesian, and two babies. The women were both pregnant. Five Indonesian women and two Indonesian men were arrested in the second house in Taman Rinting. Authorities seized several MyKads, child adoption forms and birth certificates issued by a private clinic.

It is believed that the babies and illegitimate children were sold to couples by this syndicate.

New Straits Times Online – Baby-for-sale syndicate’s ‘centres’ raided

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