Jellewery Shop Robber Shot Dead Accomplice

6 April 2010
Kuala Lumpur

Two armed robbers who attempted to escape with RM500,000 worth of jewellery at OUG Plaza yesterday ended with one of them shot and wounded by a security guard. When the 34-year-old robber collapsed on the ground, his accomplice turned around and shot him twice, killing him instantly.

At 2:45pm, the robbers approached the Poh Kong jewellery shop on the ground floor of OUG Plaza, which had an armed security guard and four shop assistants.

They grabbed the security guard’s pump gun and ordered the workers to scoop several trays of expensive jewellery into a plastic bag which they brought with them. There were four workers in the shop at the time of the robbery. With a pistol, the robbers confronted the guard and got hold of his pump-action shotgun. Then, they forced the shop assistants to fill up plastic bags with trays of jewellery.

The robbers were not aware of another armed guard seated behind a one-way mirror inside the shop, who was taking aim at them. When the robbers started to flee, the guard fired a shot and hit the robber with the seized shotgun. The robber with the pistol returned fire but missed.

That was when the wounded robber collapsed and his accomplice turned on him by firing two shots. Police said this robber is considered armed and dangerous.

The dead robber had been previously convicted of armed robbery and drug abuse. Both are believed to be drug addicts.

Police will be releasing a photofit of the armed robber, who got away with eight trays of jewellery, after viewing the shop’s CCTV recording.

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