MCW 2008 News Roundup

With the year of 2008 that is behind us, MCW has reported almost a thousand stories related to crime in Malaysia. Here are some top ten lists that you may be interested to know and read about.


  1. Malaysia Crime Rate Up 15 Per Cent in 2006
  2. Four 16-year-olds Rape 14-year-old
  3. Naked Body of Girl in Bag: Died of Massive Bleeding, Identity Unknown
  4. Two Arrested Over Dr Chua Sex Video
  5. 17-Year-Old Schoolgirl Raped, Strangled and Buried
  6. Students Work in Massage Parlours
  7. Nurin’s Murder Case: Enhanced CCTV Images Released
  8. Man Lured and Raped Sister-in-law
  9. Father Jailed 45 Years for Raping Daughter
  10. Bride Raped by Cousin-in-law During Wedding Night

It is obvious that readers are mostly concerned with crimes related to rape and kidnapping. This is in line with the recent poll count that showed that people are most fearful of rape and murder.

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Tell us what you think about the crime stories that have been reported in 2008 by participating in the polls (panel on the right) and discussion forum.

Have a prosperous and healthy 2009. Be safe.

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