Mobile Phone Cheat Scams in Front of Police Station

2 February 2007
Kota Baru

Mohd Nazuruddin Awang, aged 26, from Pasir Pekan has pleaded guilty for cheating two people in front of the Kota Baru police station. He posed as a police officer selling cheap mobile phones allegedly seized during raids.

When his customers gave him cash, he would enter the police station supposedly to get the phone. Instead he would sneack out the back gate, scamming the customer. Awang has collected RM900 by committing the crime twice in Kota Baru and once in Pasir Mas.

He cound be sentenced to whipping, a fine and a maximum of ten years’ jail.

Kelantan police commercial crimes department chief Superintendent Rezlan Abu Bakar said the police do not sell such items during raids.

New Straits Times – Cellphone scam takes the cake

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