Neighbour Stabbed Breastfeeding Woman to Death

28 October 2007
Kota Baru

37-year-old Thai Muslim Ramlah Bakar was breastfeeding her 66-day-old baby boy in Kampung Padang Pak Ghani, Tawang, when a neighbour went into her house and attempted to abduct the baby.

According to the police, Ramlah had fought with the suspect as he was stabbing her in the chest, right hand and neck. She was later found dead with a pool of blood at 3pm. Her baby was crying beside Ramlah’s body but was not hurt.

Ramlah’s husband, 52-year-old Che Hassan Mahmod, was at his first wife’s house in Kampung Bekelam, Bachok when the incident happened.

It is believed that the suspect has a criminal record for stealing a motorcycle and police are looking for him.

The Star Online – Botched bid to snatch baby

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