Nine Motorcyclists Charged for Reckless Riding

31 January 2007
Kuala Lumpur

Nine motorcyclists have been charged yesterday for reckless and dangerous riding, an offence committed at Jalan Parlimen on the morning of 28 January 2007.

One of them, a Azhar Othman, aged 22, is a disabled person with several fingers missing. His pillion rider, Muhammad Syakur Sapuan, aged 21, was charged for performing stunts that risked the safety of their own and the public.

The other four riders were Muhammad Fadzli Mahadi, aged 18, Muhammad Hafis Saman, aged 18, Muhammad Fadzrul Idris, aged 19, and Mohamad Al Hafiz Mohamad Rasdei, aged 22.

The pillion riders were Mohamad Fareez Hamzah, aged 19, who was riding with Muhammad Fazrul, Norkamarul Tumiran, aged 18, who was riding with Muhammad Hafis, and Mohd Ariffudin A. Rahman, aged 18, who was riding with an underage rider.

The offences carry a minimum fine of RM5,000, jail terms and the suspension of their driving licences for at least two years.

Bail have been set between RM1,500 and RM3,000 and sentencing to be in March.

New Straits Times – Disabled among nine Mat Rempit held

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