Recka Missing: Hoax

30 October 2007

Police have determined that 10-year-old Recka had made up the story on how she was abducted from a VCD shop along Market Street last week.

Recka was playing in the rain outside her Kampung Kolam house last Monday. She was then chided by a neighbour and she asked for RM5 from her 49-year-old stepfather Ahmad Omar on the pretext of buying a VCD. When she was approached at the shop by a woman whom she had befriended previously, Recka told her that she was afraid to return home to be scolded by her parents.

The woman decided to help her by giving her a place to stay at her Bandar Baru Air Itam apartment. Recka stayed there for three days while her parents and the police were searching for her.

When Recka saw the news on her parents’ demise, she felt guilty and took a bus to Chulia Street on Thursday. Ahmad’s friend spotted her and immediately brought her to the police at 10pm.

Police have interviewed the woman whom Recka met, the man who found her, and her parents. They are doubtful of Recka’s state of mind and would be sending her to the Penang Hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

Ahmad and his wife have decided to hand over Recka to the Welfare Department as they found it difficult to control her. Both of them need to work to support their family of six children.

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