Six Arrested in Drug Bust Worth RM410,000

8 November 2008
Kota Baru

Narcotics police from Pasir Mas raided a house in Kampung Gual Sitok, Rantau Panjang, yesterday night and arrested 6 suspects and seized RM410,000 worth of drugs, making it the largest drug trafficking syndicate busted in the state.

The six suspects, aged between 15 and 63 years old, include four men and two women, one of whom is a Thai.

Police found 3,968 methamphetamine pills worth RM87,296, 30 plastic bottles of heroin worth RM19,500 and 203 Eramine pills worth RM3,015. Three plastic packages are believed to contain Heroin Base 4 which is rare, unprocessed and expensive. A Mitsubishi Storm vehicle, three Honda motorcycles, four ATM cards, 10 bank account books, RM57,105 cash and 12,210 baht (RM1,240) cash were also seized.

New Straits Times Online – RM410,000 worth of drugs seized

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