Theme Park Foreign Worker Accused of Molest

30 December 2007
Shah Alam

A foreign worker allegedly molested a 7-year-old girl at a theme park. The girl’s parents had lodged a report at the Section 11 police station yesterday after the incident occurred on Friday at 4pm.

The girl was at a water slide when the suspect had undone the front zipper of the girl’s swimsuit and held her by the shoulders. A 14-year-old girl witnessed the incident and alerted the mother. The suspect claimed that he was trying to save the girl from falling off the water slide.

The mother claimed that a theme park supervisor had offered the family discount vouchers and a holiday if they did not reported the matter to the police. A senior manager had asked them to wait until yesterday to investigate the matter and denied that the supervisor had made such an offer. He contacted the family yesterday to explain that the suspect was preventing the girl from performing dangerous stunts at the slide.

The theme park management had also lodged a report at the same police station.

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