Three Con Women Cheated Woman

27 January 2007

Three women managed to con an elderly woman of RM2,000 cash and RM3,000 jewellery by claiming that a traditional healer can help ward off her bad luck.

One of them told Lee Chong Meng, aged 66, that her son would die in an accident, which allegedly happened on January 16 2007. She also told Lee that she had accidentally stepped on a dead person’s blood two years ago. Lee was instructed to wrap the cash and jewellery in newspaper. She was given a black plastic bag from the women, which was to contain her valuables and not to be opened until after seven days.

When Lee opened the bag on the eight day, she found oranges, a water bottle and newspapers.

It is believed that the same group cheated a 70-year-old grandmother of RM6,000 while another victim lost RM20,000 to them.

The Star Online – Another woman falls victim to con artistes

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