Three Year Old Girl Missing at Hawker Centre

7 July 2007

The 3-year-old daughter of Jess Teh, aged 28, has gone missing yesterday when she went off 100 metres from her car to pay for the parking ticket near the Bayan Baru market hawker centre. Shearwey Ooi Ying Ying was waiting by the car and disappeared ten minutes after her mother left her. They had just finished their breakfast at the hawker centre at 8:15am.

Teh said her daughter was wearing pyjamas with cartoon prints and has asked relatives, friends and the public to look out for her.

Shearwey’s uncle, Ooi Eng Hiap, aged 25, has been helping in the search and said his brother, Ooi Eng Chew, Shearwey’s father, is in China for business and will be returning to Malaysia.

A police report has been lodged at the Bayan Lepas police station.

The Star Online – Girl missing after mum leaves car for 10 minutes

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