Two Men Car-jacked with Victim’s Child Inside

3 November 2007

Aminatun Hariah Umar Baki, a teacher at Sekolah Menengah Teknik, Taman Bukit, Kajang, had her Toyota Unser vehicle driven off by two men who staged a road accident in Taman Kajang Prima. Yesterday morning at 7:15am, Aminatun was driving her 5-year-old daughter, Nursakinah Saparudin, to a kindergarten in Taman Jasmin when her vehicle was knocked from behind.

She got off to check on the damage while one of the men from the other guy got out. When she returned to her vehicle, the man pulled her out, got into her vehicle and drove off. It is believed that the male suspect did not realize that Nursakinah was sleeping at the back seat.

The suspects later dropped Nursakinah off near the Kajang KTM station, leaving her with her identity card and a MUET examination slip.

Two teachers found her at the station and alerted the police at 8:50am.

The Star Online – Car stolen with child inside

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