Two Men Caught for Growing Cannabis Plants

12 September 2007

Two men were arrested by narcotics officers on Monday at for growing cannabis plants in Semariang Baru.

In the first house at 10:40am, a 28-year-old man was arrested by the police and a cannabis plant 168cm tall was seized. Police arrested a 22-year-old man in the afternoon in a house nearby and found two cannabis plants which were 154cm and 180cm tall.

The suspects tested positive for drugs. Police believe that the plants were cultivated for their personal consumption.

The suspects would be charged under Section 6(B) of the Dangerous Drugs Act for cultivation of cannabis plants. If convicted, they face life imprisonment and six strokes of the cane. They would also be charged for consuming drugs under Section 15(1)(a) of the same act, which carries a RM5,000 fine or two years’ imprisonment or both upon conviction.

The Star Online – Two caught growing cannabis in backyard

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