Volleyball Player Broke Shoulder Blade in Snatch Theft

14 March 2007
Johor Baru

Johor volleyball player, Lee Shui Fong, aged 28, was a victim of snatch theft on Monday night and sustained a broken shoulder blade and injured her knee.

The incident happened when she was walking to her apartment in Jalan Kuning from Pelangi Leisure Mall. A pillion rider tried to snatch her handbag from behind, but Lee clutched on to her handbag. She fell down while the thieves sped off on their motorcycle.

Lee then crawled to a coffee shop nearby where some people helped to send her home and her parents brought her to a hospital. She had stitches on her left knee and bruises to her left arm and abdomen.

Lee has been told to rest to allow her injuries to heal but she said there are several volleyball tournaments in the near future.

New Straits Times – Player injured in snatch theft

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