17-year-old Charged for Rape and Molest of College Student

6 December 2007
Kuala Lumpur

A 17-year-old teenager was charged yesterday for attempting to rape, molest and causing hurt to a 18-year-old female first-year business studies student at the Tunku Abdul Rahman College on 21 April 2007 between 5:30pm and 5:50pm. He was working there as a security guard.

In court yesterday, the magistrate ordered that he be sent to Henry Gurney home for juvenile offenders to stay for three years. A good behaviour bond for three years after his release from the school has been placed on him as well.

The teenager pleaded guilty to:

  1. causing hurt to the victim at TARC Lecture Hall B
  2. attempting to rape her at Lecture Hall 2
  3. molesting her at Lecture Hall 2

On that day, the teenager had hit the victim on the head with a rock as she was walking in front of Lecture Hall B. He then dragged her to a storeroom in Lecture Hall 2 where he undressed and molested her. When she started to scream, he hit her repeatedly on the head with the rock. After he tried in vain to rape her, he used some clothes to form a rope and attempted to strangle her.

The victim managed to escape from her and went to a clinic for a checkup. She had to receive eight stitches on the back of her head and still has blurred vision in her right eye.

If the teenager had committed the offences a month later, he would have been sentenced to a maximum of 23 years’ jail and caning.

New Straits Times – Teen guard pins blame for rape bid on ‘sudden feeling’

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3 Responses to “17-year-old Charged for Rape and Molest of College Student”

  1. he should be charged attempting murder ! being teenager is so good, you rape, murder you get sent to rehab ….

  2. The teenager likely attempted to disable the victim by hitting her on the head, but there was no intention to kill her. Thus, charging him with murder would be inappropriate.

    What do you think?

  3. stupid, hitting ppl’s head (repeatedly) with rock is not attempting murder, then using a parang chop ppl’s neck also is not murder because the person only wants to immobilize the victim (permanently). maybe the person who raped canny ong is not murderer because he stabbed her to stop her, not kill her….

    being teenager is so good. you rape, you kill you only get sent to rehab…..

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