Altantuya Murder Trial: Small Amount of Explosive Used

6 December 2007
Shah Alam

As the murder trial of Altantuya Shaariibuu continued on its 66th day yesterday, former post-blast investigation section head DSP Muhammad Koey Abdullah expounded on the technicalities of explosives related to the case.

He explained that based on the high amount of RDX found, it was a “high explosion”. However, there was no crater found in the ground of the crime scene, therefore only a small amount of explosive could have been used.

Although a claymore mine wire was found there, Muhammad Koey said a claymore mine was not used. Instead, its wire was probably used as an accessory. If such a mine had been used, a crater would have been formed and ball bearings would have been found.

Muhammad Koey added that personnel from the Bomb Disposal Unit, General Operations Force and Special Operations Forces are given basic training in handling bombs. After they have gone through basic and advanced courses, they are required to follow strict usage procedures.

The trial continues on Monday.

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