Couple Remanded for Abuse and Death of 18-Month-Old Boy

5 March 2010
Petaling Jaya

A 18-month-old boy was allegedly stomped at a children’s playground in Kayu Ara, Damansara and died late yesterday. A post-mortem conducted at the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre showed that K. Haresvarren had suffered six broken ribs, a ruptured liver, fingernail marks on his private parts, a swollen testicle and multiple bruises on his head and body.

Police have remanded the 23-year-old ex-babysitter and her 33-year-old husband, a lorry attendant, for seven days in connection to the murder of the child. Investigating officer ASP Koh Jok Tian said the couple will be in police custody until 11 March 2010.

It is believed that between 10pm and midnight on Wednesday at the playground when the ex-babysitter’s husband had tried to get Haresvarren from his grandmother’s house. When the boy refused to come out, he lured him by off erring candies.

After the ex-babysitter’s husband, who lived one floor above the boy’s grandmother, had returned the boy ten minutes later, the boy pointed to his head and looked unwell.

Haresvarren was rushed to a nearby clinic and then to the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre where he was pronounced dead.

The 33-year-old suspect had lodged a police report, claiming that the boy had choked to death while eating candies or chewing gum.

Haresvarra was the eldest son of 42-year-old A. Karigalan, a freelance film producer, and wife K. Thilagavathy. The boy was cremated at the Kampung Tunku crematorium on Thursday.

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