Nude Women Found in Secret Rooms of Hotel Spa

4 March 2010

A hotel spa was found to have hidden rooms that can only be accessed via a secret passage. Authorities from the federal anti-vice and gaming division raided the hotel on Tuesday night and found some nude women with men in these rooms.

Cash, work records and 16 condoms were seized.

23 foreign women and 3 local women were arrested on suspicion of prostitution. Between them were 17 Indonesians, 4 Chinese and 2 Vietnam nationals. Some of them did not have valid travel documents or work permits. 15 customers were also arrested but released after their statements were taken.

It is believed that the spa has been raided several times since last year and were charging between RM140 and RM180 for vice activities.

The women, aged between 18 and 40 years, and 10 other works are currently in police custody under the Immigration Act and Section 373 of the Penal Code for the suppression of brothels.

The Star Online – Cops find nude women inside spa’s secret rooms

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