Decomposed Body Found at Menara Maybank Car Park

25 July 2007
Kuala Lumpur

Rohani Baba’s decomposed body was found in some undergrowth at an open air car park behind Menara Maybank along Jalan Persiaran Maybank. The 31-year-old woman is believed to be murdered by her 31-year-old boyfriend.

He led police to the body and was arrested in Alor Gajah last Saturday. Police said the couple were sought by police to assist investigations into the murder of Rohani’s foster mother in Malacca on 20 June 2007. 69-year-old Ramah Madshah was found dead in her Lubuk Cina home.

Rohani was believed to have been stabbed to death before her body was dumped at the car park.

The Star Online – Woman’s decomposed body found at car park

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