Family Feud Possible Motive Behind Arson

11 March 2007
Petaling Jaya

The fire on Friday 3am at Jalan PJU 1/30, Kampung Cempaka, that took the lives of a couple and their three children could have been caused by a family feud. Police have classified the case as arson and are determining the motive of the crime.

The forensic team found a partially burnt towel that was soaked in kerosene at the entrance to the double-storey house. It is learnt that the towel belonged to one of the victims.

45-year-old neighbour, Ong Sew Eng, claimed that she heard a firecracker sound and a motorcycle speeding off just before the fire started, which also razed her house.

Leong Sun, aged 62, and his wife, Tan Lian Chee, aged 53, were found huddled together while their three children, Chiew Choon, aged 14, Chiew Foong, aged 12, and Shuet Whey, aged 8, were in sleeping positions on their beds.

Leong was believed to be a carpenter and his wife was a cleaner.

Five other relatives were sleeping in the upper floor of the house and escaped through a window. They were Chow Wah and Chan Poh Yin, both aged 49, Chow Chee Wai, aged 23, his girlfriend, Liew Ju Ann, aged 19, and Chow Mun Piew, aged 6.

The relatives had banged on the victims’ bedroom door but no one answered.

New Straits Times – Feud possible motive for arson attack

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