Twin Babies Brutally Attacked While Asleep

11 March 2007

A pair of twin boys who were a month old were brutally attacked while they were sleeping in their bedroom of their home at Kampung Sungai Itek in Gopeng.

An aunt who lived next door had head the twins crying at 5:30pm on 1 March 2007. She went to check on them when she heard the twins’ mother screaming. When she reached the bedroom, she saw one of them with his penis severed while the other had his scrotum cut.

The women rushed them to a private hospital where doctors managed to reattached the penis and stitch the scrotum. They have been discharged.

The aunt has lodged a police report. She claimed that there were no signs of break-in at the house and the mother was alone.

The Star Online – Month-old twin boys seriously injured in brutal attack

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