Government Subsidised Diesel Seized from Myanmar Vessel

5 September 2007

Officers from the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry’s enforcement division detained two sea vessels and arrested 13 people, in an attempt to stop RM500,000 worth of subsidised diesel fuel to be smuggled to a Myanmar vessel yesterday at 5pm. 11 of them were Myanmar nationals.

The diesel would have caused losses of millions of ringgit. 15 officers nabbed the suspects who were transferring the fuel to the Myanmar vessel at the Prai barter trade wharf. 275,000 litres of diesel, stored in drums, were seized. They were initially stored in a tanker that belonged to a local diesel supply company.

It is believed that the fuel could have been obtained from a fuel depot or could have been diesel meant for the local use by fishermen. The company’s site manager and clerk have been arrested as well. The case is being investigated under the Supply Control Act 1961 and the penalty is a RM250,000 fine or three years’ jail upon conviction.

New Straits Times – Smuggling of RM500,000 diesel foiled

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