Man Loses RM1.7 Million to Lottery Scam

5 September 2007
Kuala Lumpur

A 39-year-old building contractor fell victim to a lottery scam and lost RM1.7 million in the end. K.V. Chung from Sabah was notified by his wife who received a call from a man known as Mr Sung notifying him that she had won a RM100,000 lottery in April.

The caller claimed that he was from a company in Genting Highlands. In order to obtain the cash reward, Chung was instructed to pay RM3,900 as processing fee and RM24,500 as membership fee to a club.

After the amounts have been paid, Chung said the syndicate pressured him in giving more money as investment before the cash reward could be transferred to his account.

At one point, Chung was told that he had won RM2.4 million but had to pay US$7,000 first. Chung even flew to Hong Kong twice to meet the president and bank manager of the company. There, he was further pressured into depositing more money while he was lavished with meals and special treats.

Between May and August this year, Chung had deposited RM1.7 million into 86 different accounts which are believed to be held by local students. He had used RM700,000 of his savings and borrowed the rest.

It is believed that these students would get a few hundred ringgit from the syndicate for using their accounts for such scams.

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