Newborn Baby in Coma After Alleged Abuse

23 March 2010
Port Dickson

A one-month-old baby is hospitalized with brain haemorrhage and in a coma at the Hospital Kuala Lumpur while his parents, from Taman PD Utama, had been detained by police on 11 March 2010 for alleged abuse of the baby.

The 28-year-old male suspect, who works as a wireman, is believed to have had an affair with an Indonesian woman.

Port Dickson OCPD Superintendent Baljeet Singh said a man, who claimed to be the victim’s babysitter, had rushed the boy to the Port Dickson Hospital on 11 March 2010, indicating that the baby was four months old and had a fever.

The baby was later transferred to the pediatric critical care ward at Hospital Kuala Lumpur when his condition deteriorated. Doctors who treated the baby reported to the police that there were signs of internal bleeding caused by violent shaking.

When Baljeet and his officers went to the suspect’s home, they found six other children, aged between 1 and 13 years, and placed them under the Welfare Department’s care.

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