Public University Lecturer Raped Student

16 March 2009

A public university lecturer allegedly raped one of his engineering students and was threatened with expulsion if she told anyone about it. The 26-year-old student from Bandar Tasik Selatan was also allegedly offered to be his third wife.

Late last year, the student had met the lecturer at his office where she handed in her last assignment. After he had gone through her work, he locked his office door and proceeded to hug and kiss the student. Then, he laid a sleeping bag on the floor and gagged the student while forcing her onto the floor.

After raping her, the lecturer warned the student not to tell anyone about the incident or he would expel her from the university. In addition to this incident, the lecturer allegedly molested and raped her on two other occasions.

The student had lodged a police report a week after the latest incident. Selangor police said the lecturer will be brought in for investigations after his overseas trip.

New Straits Times Online – Lecturer raped me, alleges student

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