Stepmother Kicked and Stamped on Girl

16 March 2009

A 10-year-old girl was allegedly beaten and stamped on by her stepmother when she asked her for help in preparing for her school exams. The victim suffered facial bruises and bleeding from her eyes.

The victim was studying for her exams with her two younger sisters, aged 6 and 7, in their home in Taman Pesona Mekar, Kajang. When the stepmother got frustrated with the victim, she allegedly kicked and stamped on her.

The victim’s father found out about the incident and brought her to a clinic which referred her to the Putrajaya Hospital. The examining doctor was shocked by the injuries suffered by the girl and promptly lodged a police report.

Officers from the Social Welfare Department visited the victim at her house on 10 March 2009. They then sent her to Serdang Hospital for a medical examination, which gave the girl a week of medical leave.

The girl’s stepmother has since been detained by the authorities for further investigations.

New Straits Times Online – Woman stamps on stepdaughter

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